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TIEBREAK revolutionizes the way to record stats in volleyball. Hundreds of coaches and scoutmen use TIEBREAK as the official software for their teams. Everyone can record volleyball statistics using TIEBREAK!!!

TIEBREAK is intuitive, easy and fast: you just need one click on the screen with mouse or with our touch screen. No complicated codes to digit on keyboard! TIEBREAK follows the flow of the game and knows what is happening: statistical analysis has never been so easy.

With TIEBREAK you have the most advanced and efficient software for synchronizing, editing and tagging videos, together with a quick and complete system of statistical analysis.

Discover all TIEBREAK products, available in three different versions to suit statistical needing of anyone. Find the best software for your team!

[ MatchSHARE ]

A specific on-line video sharing service developed by TieBreakTech for volleyball. With MatchSHARE you can download a video of a game in less than one hour and easily find any video you want consulting the archive of current and past seasons. Everything is only one click away!